If your dentures are loose but still in good condition, a reline is likely in order. This is where we refit your denture by adding new material so it fits properly again.
Due to things like weight loss,
aging, medications, illnesses and teeth extractions, gums shrink and change shape as time go on, so it’s only fitting that your denture will need a tune up every two or three years. In order to maintain a healthy mouth and a proper fitting denture, we recommend annual check ups to all our patients



Denture repairs are affordable and are often a same-day service. There aren’t many cases we can’t fix, just bring the denture in and we’ll sort you out.
DO NOT use superglue on your dentures. It’ll prevent parts from bonding back together properly and will make for a more difficult and pricey repair. Leave it to us – we’ll take care of it in our in-house laboratory.
If your denture breaks from wear and tear and not from dropping it (or the dog taking off with it!) it can be a sign of an underlying problem – this is why we recommend an annual denture assessment and oral examination. Prevention is better than cure, after all.