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Dentures are artificial teeth and gums that replace teeth that you may have lost or had removed. Dentures are different for every client and we make each set in-house to fit each patient’s individual needs.

What are Dentures ?

Full over Full Dentures affordable sydney perfect teeth



These are a replacement for all upper or lower teeth. We use an impression of your gums to construct the perfect fit, and adjustments can be made along the way so that when you receive the final product it will fit precisely to your liking. The denture base is made out of high-strength acrylic that can be matched to your gums, and we have a variety of colours, shades and sizes of teeth to help you achieve the look you want.

acrylic denturee for a perfect smile if you have no teeth ramsgate sydney denture clinic
metal denture for best results with no teeth for natrual smile.


This is the best bet for those of you who have most of your natural teeth and are just looking to replace the few that are missing. A partial denture can be removed, is supported by your natural teeth, and is held in place with special clasps to keep it secure. Not only is this an ideal option cosmetically, it also helps prevent tooth drift and other dental problems in the future


For patients wanting the most natural-feeling option, implant supported dentures are the best choice. They are kept in place by implants inserted into either the top or bottom jawbone, meaning they’re comfortable, stable and allow you more freedom with food choices.

repair broken denture if snapped in half no job to small sydney denture clinic.

Just like your natural teeth, dentures need cleaning and maintaining. As well as daily oral care to remove plaque from your own teeth and denture, we recommend professional cleaning twice a year. As part of our aftercare plan, we provide cleaning and polishing services for all prosthetics including acrylic dentures, partials and night guards.



Protecting players’ teeth on the field is an important part of any contact sport. That said, ill-fitting mouth guards can do more harm than good, not only in the case of an accident, but with breathing and speech also. Custom-fitted mouth guards offer far more protection and comfort than store bought generic mouth guards. That’s where we come in.

Everyone’s situation is different.
Not only are we experienced in what we do, but we make it our business to listen to your needs. That’s how we get you the very best results.