• A simple and affordable way to replace missing


  • ​Teeth Set and attached next to the natural teeth

  • Custom-made for comfort

  • Quick and easy to make

  • Easy to modify if needed

  • Easiest to take in and out



  • Made from durable and flexible plastic that fits comfortably and securely around existing teeth

  • Blend in well with gums making them virtually invisible ​​​

  • Durable, thin and lightweight

  • A great temporary smile solution


  • Made from of MMA for allergy sensitive patients



  • These durable metal cast dentures are a more permanent solution to any missing teeth

  • Clipped to the natural teeth with clasps that hold the denture firm, as well rests on the teeth stop further damaging movement

  • Smaller, thinner and more close-fitting for greater comfort

  • Easier oral hygiene

  • Clasps can be tightened easily

  • Designed specifically for you


Because partial dentures can trap food, they need a little more care than full dentures. Brushing both the denture and your teeth after each meal is recommended. If you notice any pain, swelling or bleeding in your gums, let us know as soon as possible as a badly fitting partial denture can be bad news for your gums. Taking care when placing or removing your partial denture means taking care of not just your denture but your teeth and your gums as well. Always place it in position with your hands – don’t ever force it or bite it into place.