This system effectively restores what has been lost over the years, and keeps your needs at the forefront. Here’s a look into what we offer and how we work with you to design the perfect smile:

The Allround Denture System
  • A variety of tooth shades and shapes allow us to cater to every patient’s individual needs.

  • We address common issues denture wearers encounter – from disappearing lips and downturned corners of the mouth, to increased lines around the lips and sunken areas around the mouth and cheeks.

  • Our consultation process allows us to walk with you step-by-step to get to know your denture goals and concerns. We encourage you to bring a photo from when you had your natural teeth so that we can match your look as seamlessly as possible.

  • We use high-impact acrylics and handcrafted teeth for a truly natural look and high-quality feel. For best results, we recommend filling out this ‘How you can help get a better denture’ and emailing it to us or bringing it along to your first appointment.
    How you can help get a better denture form. 

Cosmetic Individualisation

As part of our commitment to making your experience with us as smooth as possible, it’s important to us that you have the option to truly personalise your dentures. Cosmetic Individualisation allows you to design your denture to look as natural as possible. From slight discolorations to certain angles, our aim is to make your dentures undetectable, natural and, most important of all, yours – no matter what that may look like.
Here’s what’s involved in Cosmetic Individualisation process:

Gum Tinting
Sometimes the traditional pink acrylic look of the gum area of dentures can look a little unnatural. Our cosmetic gum tinting works to tint your dentures to suit your specific gum colours in different sections of your mouth. Though this process is a little more technical, the results truly speak for themselves.

Tooth Staining
It’s almost impossible to avoid the everyday stains on teeth. Wine, coffee and tea and all other stains and that’s ok! We’re able to mimic these shades to each denture tooth so that you can keep the smile you already know and love. We recommend gum and tooth tinting to any patient looking to keep their denture journey to themselves as well as maintain their most natural look. But if you’re after white, shiny, new and bright, we can, of course, do that too!

Individual Tooth Characterisation
Each person’s mouth changes over time. Wearing, grinding, chipping and any number of other things all play their part in the shape and look of our teeth. This is why we use Individual Tooth Characterisation to match each tooth to the denture wearer, recreating their classic smile (if that’s the look they’re going for, of course). A slight tilt, a small chip, or an old stain can make all the difference in giving our patients their old and much-loved smiles back.